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Mouse gaming A4tech X7 F3 V-Track

Mouse gaming A4tech X7 F3 V-Track

Mouse gaming A4tech X7 F3 V-Track

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Vertical light:                                             
  • More accurate than Laser engine
5 modes:
  • 1 click to shift game macros
160K on board memory:
  • Stores custom macros
3000 CPI:
  • 5 free-adjustable levels
1 ms Response:
  • 8X more smooth
Driver free to perform stunts:
  • 1 click to turn around 180 degrees
  • 1 click to buy all weapons
  • 1 click to perform game stunts
  • 1 click to change gun1 click to on hook
Smooth and accurate tracking anywhere: 
Innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical light which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere. Enjoy the best precision during the game-play.
Smaller hole Great precise:
  • Regular optic 75 mm2
  • Laser 40 mm2 (Smaller)
  • V-Track 5 mm2 (Smaller)
  • Head-shot 100%
Super-Combo 7:
  • Custom macros with 7 fully programmable buttons;
  • Perform stunts to win the games effortlessly
5 modes selection:
  • Set up custom macros for your games in each mode
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